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Ploy Somruang, Founder & Creative Director

As a thai fashion designer there are a lot of boundaries still to break. Coming from an 'old world' upbringing Ploy started to design lingerie that is comfortable, handmade and of the highest quality, while still being affordable. At age 28 she founded her own company which became an instant hit on social media and with customers alike.

Empowering women to be strong and brave became the main theme of the brand. This proved to be the right choice as customers responded with great enthusiasm and started to send wearing pictures and even letters to express their feeling of freedom and confidence when wearing the lingerie.

Ploy fits and wears every design first by herself to experience the quality and overall comfort, to ensure customers will receive a great product. Next to that she appears in a lot of BraveBabe social media outings wearing the delicate pieces by herself. She shows that to be truly Brave you've got to set the example by yourself. Her life motto and that of BraveBabe is:



Quality & Comfort

Most women feel uncomfortable when wearing lingerie. The rigid fabrics and hard underlining of most bra's can make you feel uncomfortable and even give you a painful feeling. BraveBabe bralettes however, are not only incredibly sexy but also very comfortable as there are no 'hard parts' used in its creation. We only handcraft soft cup, underwire-less bralettes.

           The fabrics are buttersoft while still giving much needed support to your breasts. It gives a sense of freedom. The same principle of comfort applies to all our products. Most of our customers now happily swear by this 'new' way of wearing underwear once they tried it for themselves.


Handmade with Pride is a luxury intimates brand founded in 2015. All BraveBabe products are handmade according to the highest quality standards and only available in our online webshop. We use the finest custom made lace, neatest stitching and only high quality trimmings. 

    We want all girls to be able to wear our designs, and what better way than to make it affordable, cool and of amazing quality.


    Ethical & Responsible

    All BraveBabe pieces are handmade in a family owned atelier in Bangkok, Thailand. The atelier is European/Thai owned and has over 25 years of experience in creating fine lingerie and swimwear. We feel better knowing our products are made ethically & responsibly. Our vision is to create beautiful undergarments through a new kind of efficiency that benefits our customers, our manufacturers and the Brand.

    With BraveBabe we want you to hold on to what's real; wearing it should give you a feeling of freedom and confidence.



    Our online store is the only place in the world where you can buy original, genuine and authentic BraveBabe intimates. We Ship WORLDWIDE.


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