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An Afternoon with : Taylor Cochrane

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Los Angeles 03.45 PM in the afternoon. Just woke up after a long flight from overseas and decide to jump in the shower real quickly. Wash off the jetlag and refresh my brain a bit. While the drops start to touch my skin I think of my life, what a lucky girl I am. Being able to live my life like I want. Travelling all over the world, seeing amazing cities, meeting great people and all while working on my own business. I am truly blessed.

This thought still lingers on while I step out of the shower. What shall I wear today? In the evening I will meet my girls for a night of good food and deep conversation. Well it's mostly funny talk, but who cares right? And there is a chance we end up dancing in my favourite nightclub, so I slip into my favourite black lace undies and satin dress. Let's see what the evening brings!

I love these afternoons, all the time to myself, just what a girl needs!

Lingerie: Zoe Bralette & RiRi Panties

Model: Taylor Cochrane

Photographer: jtuphoto

Brave Babe taylor_cochrane

Brave Babe taylor_cochrane

Brave Babe taylor_cochrane



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