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Seductive Satin

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Brave Babe Satin Dress

Let's be honest, we girls have two sides. 

From when we were born everything we could think about was pink fluffiness, barbie dolls and a prince on a white horse who would come to rescue us from whatever evil was lurking in the shadows and was gonna make us an honest woman, all in time of course. 

But as we grow older this fairly tale starts fading bit by bit. We still have our girly moments every now and then, but we also like to let things hang loose, enjoy a bit of danger and give way to our wild side (rock music, the occasional cigarette and a tattooed prince in a black Ford Mustang). 

Yeah we definitely change, a lot. Or do we? We still like to be treated as a princess and definitely enjoy a bit of pampering and romance every now and then. 

That's why we at BraveBabe came up with our Satin Slip-Dress collection. They are easy to put on, the silk satin feels heavenly smooth to the skin, and just makes you look H-O-T in an instant.

With a low cut back part and adjustable spaghetti straps, you decide if you want to go full on sexbomb or play it safer with a thin jacket or Lace stola wrapped around.

Anyway if you are ready to spice things up, shop your favorite look here;  BraveBabe Satin Dresses



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