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Free the Nipple?

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Brave Babe free_the_nipple

Hi Cuties!

A short blog post this time as I am very busy with moving to Europe. It's all very exciting and it means BraveBabe will move and grow with me. A different environment and fashion influences means loads of new inspiration. Super super exciting :)

Anyway the mood in Europe is much different from anywhere I have experienced. You must have seen the almost nipple baring pics of Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Bella Hadid. Brave women who try to spread equality for women.

In Europe the 'Free the Nipple' phenomenon is a standard fashion choice so it seems. With women doing their thing much more freely than in Asia or in the USA. The principle that we stand by; being a Brave Woman amongst many prohibitions, to fight for our right to express ourselves the way we want. This all is fully embraced by European women. 

I hope and strive to capture this mood and create even Braver pieces than before. So you Babes will be able to truly express yourselves. Cause let's face it; we ain't gonna stop being Brave, we are just getting started!

XX Ploy


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